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Dasa & Significance of Planets According to Horoscope Presented By Jyotish Samrat Sri. S. Acharya ( Best Horoscope Consultant in kolkata )

SUN (Dasa 6 Years)

Sun is the central figure in our universe, no manifestation can take place without his permission. His light and heat are the absolute necessity for the living and non-living forms. It takes exactly one year to go round the ecliptic path. It has only direct motion i.e sun does not retrograde. There is no latitude also.

Sun is the central figure in our universe, no manifestation can take place without his permission. His light and heat are the absolute necessity for the living and non-living forms. It takes exactly one year to go round the ecliptic path. It has only direct motion i.e sun does not retrograde. There is no latitude also.

Sun Dominated Professionals

Administrators, engineer, physician, Govt. Ministers etc.

Sun may cause diseases – Skin disease, jaundice, bone troubles, headache, weakness to the body, menses (women) trouble, heart problem, weapon injury.

In a horoscope, the sun becomes strong when it occupies Aries, Leo or Scorpio or while the full moon is positioned in Punarvasu, Hasta, Vishakha or Anuradha nakshatras. Since Lord Shiva is directly connected with the Sun the native will face the fury of Lord Shiva, if Lord Shiva is not properly propitiated.

Moon (Dasa 10 Years)

The moon is the controller of mind as well as the protector of created beings. It is situated at a distance of about 238850 miles from the earth. It is called the satellite of earth as it revolves around the earth (which revolves around the sun). Its speed per day varies from 12 degrees to 15 degrees.

The moon signifies – mother, water, milk, morality, family life, religious mind, Kindness, sympathy, mental strength etc. The moon that causes diseases – cough & cold, lunacy, colic pain, nerve, kidney, tumour, throat & lung trouble.

The moon governs professionals – Clerks, the business of watery things, cooks, confectioners, grocessors, nursing, managers.

The moon becomes strong – the sun & the full moon are associated with Krittika, Rohini & Mrigashira Nakshtaras.

Mars ( Dasa 7 Years)

Mars is much smaller then the earth and is outside the orbit of earth. It is nearer to the earth then any of the outer planets. It takes about one and half months to transit one sign. Sometimes about three months it stays in one sign or more due to retrograde motion. The Mars exaltation sign is identical with the 10th & 11th house. The native will gain land and properties, will defeat his enemy and will be owner of vehicles.

Mars signifies– struggle for existence, military people, warrior, mathematician, feary temper, group leadership etc.

Mars causes diseases – intestinal problem, dysentery, wind & bile diseases, wound inflicted by some weapons or accidents, plies, etc. During childhood if dasa starts then the child may suffer from boils.

Mars governed professionals – non civic official, engineer, chemist, vocation, bandit execution.

Mars becomes strong – if full moon is associated with purvasadha, uttarasadha or dark moon in airies or scorpioand mars is in its 3,6,10 & 11th house from ascendant.

Mercury (Dasa 17 years)

Mercury is closer to the sun then any other planet. The diameter is 3100 mile. The speediest plant in solar system. It takes month to transit one sign.

Mercury signifies – education, wisdom, astrology, public speech, publisher, elegance, export & import, betal leafs, sour taste, teeth. It also takes over the nature of planet with which it is conjoined or aspected.

Mercury cause diseases – disease of the tongue, mouth, power of speech, loss of memory, epilepsy, dyspepsia.

Mercury indicates professionals – lawyer, astrologer, writer, journalist, painter, magician, publisher, broker or commercial agent.

Mercury becomes strong – when the full moon is in Rohini, Hasta , Shravana, Dhanishtha nakshtras.

Jupiter ( Dasa 16 years)

Jupiter is the giant planet of the solar system. It has 12 moons or satellites.

Jupiter signifies – power of speech, Vedas, peace divine bliss, invention, consciousness, temples, it helps to realize god.

Jupiter causes diseases – dyspepsia, epilepsy, hernia, diabetes, jaundice, asthma, liver complaints.

Jupiter indicates professional –preceptor, teacher, in school or colleges, priests, jurist, scientist, and religious preacher.

Jupiter becomes strong- when Jupiter is in pushya nakshtra or the sun & moon are in Sagittarius or pisces or when the full moon Purba Falguni or Uttar Falguni nakshtras.

Dasa of Jupiter becomes bad for those who born in Venus dasa.

Saturn (Dasa 19 Years)

Saturn is surrounded by system of 3 concentric rings. These rings are separate and there is only empty space in between any two rings. It appears like a blue ball with three yellow rings. It has nine moons or satellites. Its volume is 700 times more than earth and also weights 100 times more than earth. Saturn signifies Longevity, slow recognition, slim, and sickly constitutions.

Buffalo, Horse, Donkey, multi color cloth, teeth, bones, old age, misery, storm and also control western direction.

Diseases are likely to be caused by Saturn – Rheumatism, gout consumption, dyspepsia, indigestion, calcium deficiency, deafness and insanity.

Professionals under the guidance of Saturn – Farmer, mining engineer, land & property dealings, gambling or other speculative business.

When Saturn becomes strong –when the sun and the moon occupy Capricorn / aquarius or libra or the full moon in Chitra / Swati / Revati nakshatras. Those who born in Mars dasa Saturn will become fatalic to them. One of the redeeming features is that a person leading a truthful life need not be afraid of these Saturn dasa (period).

Rahu ( Dasa 18 Years)

It’s a shadow planet. It is also known as north-node of the moon. It has always retrograde motion.

Rahu Signifies – wicked, women, foreign travel, imprisonment, reputation, old age, intoxication, goddess Durga, hard speech, circus, cnema, liberation.

Diseases are likely to be caused – indigestion, diseases due to accumulation of gas or wind in the stomach, sinus, epililepsy.

Rahu’s professionals – govt services, politics, sale of liquor, cement, building, construction.

When rahu becomes strong – rahu normaly gain strength during solar or lunar eclipses or when the full moon is in Bharani nakshtras, or moon occupies Gemini signs.

Ketu ( 7 Years)

Ketu is known as a shadowy plant, it is also known as south node of the moon. The dasa of ketu causes sslvation to the human souls.

Ketu signifies – low caste, maternal grand fathers, wild animals, worship of lord shiva, divine knowledge, comforts of life beginning, back biting, disputes & Quarrels.

Ketu causes diseases – skin disease, mental depression, liver & eyes trouble, small pox.

Ketu rules on professionalism – astrologer, cashier, clerk, religious performer, jailer, fisherman and medicinal works.

Ketu becomes strong– when placed in Capricorn or 12th house from the ascendant with the aspect of benefit planets. Strong ketu in 12th house gives ultimate realization of self.

If ketu is afflicted make the native poor, shrewd, low minded but can elevated the native to the top of life if posited well and also when ketu afflicated can cause disease like leprosy.

Analysing each house for making prediction of dasa results ( in a few)

  • See whether the lord of the house has the ownership of both Kendra & trikona
  • See whether the house under examination has the aspect of the lord of that house or of a friendly or enemy plant.
  • See whether the lord has the ownership of the 9th house or is in the 9th house
  • See whether the lord of the 9th is placed in the house under examination etc.

Technique of judement of various dasa & there results (in a few)

  • Planets in the 7th will steal 1/7th period of the dasa and give the result as per their nature.
  • Planets in the 5th or 9th from the dasa lord will steal 1/3rd of the periods of the dasa lord and give the result as per there inherent characters.
  • During the dasa of planets position with directional strength the native will get elevated position an gain lot of wealth.
  • If the lord of a house is positioned in the 12th house from it or aspects the 12th house there will be loss of wealth during the dasa.

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